On this website, one will find the African-American history books authored by renowned author, historian, and world traveler/lecturer, Mrs. Eddie Faye Gates, whose books have been described as powerful, enlightening, and very well researched!

I am author Mrs. Eddie Faye Gates and I want to personally thank you for visiting my web site. Please note when reviewing my books that I write because it is a passion for me, as well as, I believe, a spiritual calling. My primary purpose for writing is to enlighten people all over the world with a clear, precise, well-written documented record of the historical events that have occurred in the history of people of African descent. My three books cover pre-history to the present era highlighting the effects of each era on mankind in the past, in today's present world, and in the future.

My first book, "Miz Lucy's Cookies," is a memoir which covers my personal life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, from my childhood days to the present, as well as covering the effects of the African-American experience on all Black people.

My second book, "They Came Searching.." covers the experience of Black people seeking a better way of life. The Blacks who came to Oklahoma did well, especially those who settled in Tulsa which gained such prosperity that it was called "Black Wall Street."

My third book, "Riot on Greenwood; The Total Destruction of Black Wallstreet," tells the story of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (really a massacre) which destroyed one of the richest Black areas in the world at that time. For more information on the three books, click on the book information link(s).

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